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“weigh anchor” – Berkley River, The Kimberly’s

The Berkley River


The Berkeley River is nestled SW of Joseph Bonaparte Gulf on Australia’s remote north Kimberly Coast.

The nearest town is Wyndham 150kms..


There are no roads…


Berkley River Map

Berkley River Map

Intense silence fills your ears,
alone in an ancient land.
The moon fills the setting sky,
miles from civilisation,
miles from anywhere.

We are able to cruise some 12 nm (approx. 22km) up the river.

Sandstone gorges soar over head at times completely encircling us..

There is a deep presence…

We are in old, old country…

The colours are amazing..

The colours are amazing..

Carved by eons on time..

Carved by eons on time..

The afternoon glow is blinding...

The afternoon glow is blinding gold…

There is a silence within the Berkley like nothing I’ve every experienced before.

It’s soundless..


Alone in the wilderness

Alone in the wilderness..



We washed under the falls

We lived by the falls..





This was to be our home for the next month.

We bathed under the waterfall looking out over the hushed grandness..

We explored, we climbed the above ridge and walked deep into the quiet land, we sat…



lI showered under the falls..

I showered under the falls..

No crocs here..

No crocs here..  





We had all the comforts of home...

We had all the comforts of home…

We watched the Moon dance it’s cycle in the clear, clear skies.


We lay out on chilly nights lit by the millions of sparkling stars..

We watched the sun sink, finished for the day, whilst the full moon rose in all it’s glory…


Mt Casurina

Mt Casurina

Golden hue

Golden hue




lush on green

lush and so green


We lived in nature,

self sufficient.

Collecting water..

Baking bread…


Freshly backed in the BBQ..

Freshly backed in the BBQ..

We caught the odd mud crab..

We caught the odd mud crab..




Collecting fresh water..

Collecting fresh water..


We ate well…



Rudy's Chilli Mud Crab..

Rudy’s Chilli Mud Crab..

We walked the ancient land drawn into it’s quietness.

Sandstone rock caved into the guardian souls that resided this land..

There was a feeling of being in the presence of others,

they had left their creative mark.

We sat and looked out where others had sat for millennium ..


rock art up on a ledge,

rock art up on a ledge,



The connection was strong…


walking along the rock bar, boats no further..

walking along the rock bar, boats no further..

Berkley Bush..

Berkley Bush..

Ancient ancestor..

Ancient ancestor…


We came across the odd Croc, we aways aware.


We swam in fresh water pools, watched by God’s creatures..

We played, safe above the falls…


We played...

We played…






A sunning monitor...

A sunning monitor…



We were totally and lovingly wrapped in nature.



Berkley blessings....

Berkley blessings….


I am deeply blessed…

I am so grateful..

Thank you…


One thing at a time…

We really can feel the buzz of change..

We are returning to the water.

We have 4 months before we move back on Tiata…

We have been in Darwin 4 years.

She’s been treated  to an upgrade…


dreams takes time….




Tiata being loved...

Tiata being loved…





The finished job

The finished job


a sweet time…



with big skies, intense storms and joyful birdlife..



2 geese


Big Skies...

Big Skies…




Great storms...

Great storms…




and now the time has come,

to shed what we no longer need,

and make room for our next adventure…


Pretty sigh....aaaaaaaah.

Pretty sigh….aaaaaaaah.



and so from now to then my motto is to do…


‘One thing.’


One thing a day towards the move.

To  ensure we have the space to enjoy the riches of our time left in Darwin..



Awwww they're leaving...

Awwww they’re leaving…







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Night at Home..



Night falls..

Colours fill the dark palette….

I clear my head,

so grateful for the day….

In Reflection I Breathe..

In Reflection I Breathe..


As the Sky transforms

I am filled with wonder

I am filled with joy

I am filled…

The veil is lifted

The veil is lifted


The passion…










A shared moment.

In nature,

at home..





Then night decides to give us an extra show,

rumbling from behind,

quick and refreshing,

a good hardy rain,

with lightening and thunder,

an exciting shared moment…



A display from heaven..

A display from heaven..











And then…..


we scream..

how delightfully funny..









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“weigh anchor” – Margaret Bay

Margaret Bay

Near the tip of Queensland there is a beautiful Bay.

Where the sand is white and the water clear.

You won’t find many people here the nearest sealed road is 141 kms away.

Clear waters of Margaret Bay

Clear waters of Margaret Bay

Margaret Bay Low tide

Margaret Bay Low tide



Map of Margaret Bay

Map of Margaret Bay


A place to stop, to explore and to play.



The tides are big...lucky we have wheels.

The tides are big…lucky we have wheels.

Walking the beach at Low Tide..

Walking the beach at Low Tide..

The tide came up higher then expected. Rudy I'll watch for Crocs..

The tide came up higher then expected. Rudy I’ll watch for Crocs..

A great place to give Tiata a dry out and make sure all is a’ok.


giving Tiata a dry out

giving Tiata a dry out

Watching the clear water wash away..

Watching the clear water wash away..



Tide receding...

Tide receding…



Further up the beach past a creek

the sands are sprinkled with Star Fish

100’s of them..

Waiting for the croc to swim away before crossing the creek.

Waiting for the croc to swim away before crossing the creek.



But first you have to wait for the resident croc to head out to sea…..

Important tip: Check your tides and always keep an eye out.



Start fish everywhere going about there business

Start fish everywhere going about there business

In a little part of the bay is Starfish City..

In a little part of the bay is Starfish City..





Off to see friends..

Off to see friends..


"Catch a falling star..."

“Catch a falling star…”



The 'Stars' of Margaret Bay

The ‘Stars’ of Margaret Bay


Blue, white and green…





Just us and nature,

A lone Jabiru..

A lone Jabiru..

A distant Curlew

A distant Curlew


what a special treat…



A magical sunrise

A magical sunrise

Crossing the finish line…

An epiphany:  an experience of sudden and striking realization.

In life’s moments we are blessed with clarity.

A thought.

An idea.

 A realisation..

My new mantra,

Heal Thy Self…

before all else..


An aha moment….





Crossing the finishing line…


I release, let go and surrender all guilt I hold for my beautiful life.

and off out into the world I go.

Doing what I love and connecting with nature.


Clear Alertness..


Birds show us we are free to fly in whatever direction we choose







beauty, dignity and speed

Pure Potential – The Crow eaches us how to learn from situation and to feel ‘guilt free’ when we are assertive







The crab tells me,

“when we relax and move in the waves of wellbeing – moving in the natural flow of things, we have no need for defense. All of our needs are met, and we are divinely cared for.”

















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Little Teachers

In life we are surrounded by birds.

They are the most delightful teachers.

They awaken each new day with a song in their heart that they are unable to hold in,

it bursts out through tiny lungs.

A joyful song,

loud and clear.



If I was to come back into this world as an animal it would be a bird,

I always thought I’d like to be an eagle in the Whitsunday’s,

living off the ocean.

So inviting..











But up here in Darwin I’ve encountered the Wood Swallow,

so precious as they huddle in there family groups

dancing on the air currents

you can hear they playful chirps as the last rays of day transform into night.

They look so contented,

part of the whole,

so happy to Be..


“come on, give us a smile”


Each has a special lesson for us..



The colourful Bee-Eater, quick and alert.

Be Still..











Embrace without fear,

and walk on Earth lightly.


“Hellooooooo World”







12 May 2012 – Pamper Me Day……..

Today I choose to pamper me.

It has been a week that some core issues within me were brought to the surface but I have come through the other side as light as a feather. There has been much I have realised, you cannot save another nor should you try for if you look really close there’s a lesson there for you alone. So I bless and let go with love that what I saw as my tribulations.

What have I learnt, I have learnt that guilt is my ‘thorn’ I even manage to take on other people’s guilt and think it is my own.

But I have nothing to be guilty of I have created the most beautiful reality, I look in wonder each and every day. My world is so so beautiful I am amazed at times at what myself and Rudy have created all by following a shared dream. We are no more well off than anyone else in fact when we sailed into Darwin we were so far in the ‘red’ it wasn’t funny….we were a little slow to move on that’s all.

This past week has also shown me that the one I am closest to, Rudy.  We are so close (we live, work and play together) at times I fail to step back and fully appreciate what it was that which first attracted me him. I saw that too this week and know to he is my divine beautiful mirror, I am so grateful.

So today I relished in the beauty I have created after walking Rudy into work I did a bit of shopping and spoilt myself with the most beautiful flowers. I lovingly pampered my home, I cleared the air and  infused it with music and fragrance then ran myself  a bath and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Life is all you can imagine it to be and so much more, I am so glad I see that and I see me and I am beautiful…

Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart

Walk amongst the trees



Step back and look..


Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart

We’re always walking….

Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart



Organic yogurt mixed with organic honey, good enough to eat. I did a bit..

Ready to jump in..

Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart


ready to open






My beautiful experience..


Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart

Such beautiful dreams

‎”SATURDAY’S SOUL MESSAGE: Please be aware that as we start the weekend some very OLD energies are arising within people. These go back to CHILDHOOD hurts, so some are acting very CHILDISH & this can be in a negative (EGO – Personality in reverse) way. There are current PLANETARY alignments that are asking us to HEAL at the core/SOUL. So very positive if you can stay in your OWN space & just observe the CHAOS playing out around you. REMEMBER you will attract what you give out, so if you have been angry this week it will take at least 24 hours to shift YOUR CORE into a HIGHER vibration, to see the LOVE around you again, when you ARE feeling & projecting LOVE first. STAY AWAY (as much as you can) FROM people who are projecting hostility. There’s a lot flying around as we head into the ECLIPSES. YOU don’t need it. Be strong. Stay true. Love you.” Elizabeth Peru © Deltawaves 2012