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Little Teachers

In life we are surrounded by birds.

They are the most delightful teachers.

They awaken each new day with a song in their heart that they are unable to hold in,

it bursts out through tiny lungs.

A joyful song,

loud and clear.



If I was to come back into this world as an animal it would be a bird,

I always thought I’d like to be an eagle in the Whitsunday’s,

living off the ocean.

So inviting..











But up here in Darwin I’ve encountered the Wood Swallow,

so precious as they huddle in there family groups

dancing on the air currents

you can hear they playful chirps as the last rays of day transform into night.

They look so contented,

part of the whole,

so happy to Be..


“come on, give us a smile”


Each has a special lesson for us..



The colourful Bee-Eater, quick and alert.

Be Still..











Embrace without fear,

and walk on Earth lightly.


“Hellooooooo World”








There’s no place like home….

Where’s home..

“there’s no place like home”

Home is where the heart is….

for me,

it’s taking a step out into the fresh air.


The tree is LIFE..

the sun, the earth, the sky, the sea

they’re all my home.

Earth’s lush carpet

my singing sisters..



The neighbors..


I’m so lucky……

The Pool




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