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My heart is bursting….

My heart is bursting,

my mind is clear,

I am the birthing,

I am the idea.

Lynette Higgs

What else is possible?

What else is possible?





Into the unknown..

Into the unknown..


We are now a month away from heading back out to sea.


The dream never stopped for us,


our goal has remained clear.


the unknown

into the unknown

Shined on from above..

guided from above..




nature's miracles..

nature’s miracles..


It’s the miracle of life




I have the keys…..



Dream Big and Beautiful

Dream Big and Beautiful


I do believe in Miracles…



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“weigh anchor” – Nara Inlet

They say home is where the heart is,

then my home lays here.


Cruising Nara Inlet, Sept 2003

Cruising Nara Inlet, Sept 2003


A decade after our first visits to Nara Inlet.


It feels we are heading..





Somewhere over the rainbow...

Somewhere over the rainbow…


This beautiful Fjord-like inlet was once the ancient home of the Ngaro people.  

This sea faring Aboriginal group inhabited the Whitsunday and coastal areas of Queensland from some 7000BC till 1870.

Eventually their society was destroyed by the inhabitation of colonists and those remaining were forcibly relocated to mission settlements on Palm Island…



The Cradle of a People...

The Cradle of a People…







There are plenty of places to explore,

from ancient art work,

and waterfalls…


Beautiful in all light

Beautiful in all light

We spent long languid days,

warm with gentle rains,

a beautiful place to call home, if only for a time…


looking south out the Inlet

looking south out the Inlet




Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle


August 2013 we head East from Darwin in the Northern Territory after many years away.


We look forward to rediscovering this land..


Blessed to sit and to ponder this magnificent land…



being in nature...

being in nature…


Home, is wherever the heart lives….

Creature of the Moon, soulmate to the Sea….

Last night I sat and watched the sun sink deliciously into the sea,

it’s rays illuminated the shore,

it’s supercharged me..


Illuminated by the Sun...

Supercharged by the Sun…

Then over my shoulder,


the moon reflected it’s arrival,


it’s light gleaned from the sun….


the moon t 6.18pm



the last of the sun.


moon 6.16pm



I am a creature of the Moon,

born under the sign of cancer,

and soulmate to the Sea…




I was awoken again at 4am and this was the beautiful sight I saw.


She draws the tides to her...

She draws the tides to her…

She is the queen of the night..

She is the queen of the night..


She is the matron to all sea Creatures

She is the matron to all sea Creatures


Reach for the moon,

even if you miss,

you’ll land amongst the stars…

Les Brown

She is the Feminine...

She is the Feminine…


Information gleaned from Avia Venefica, thank you

What’s my sign

Shots taken with my Nikon  Coolpix P510

Hand Held, great camera..






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Ebullient Living…

Finches have arrived in my awareness.


 They are all around..


They visit me at home, and they accompany us as on our walks…


Bouncy and light

Bouncy and light


Joyful and sweet.


I just had to look into their symbolism..


Excited to see what their message is…



Crimson Joy

Crimson Joy



The word Ebullient is a statement of the finch.


“Cheerful and full of energy”













They are a beautiful omen of bright days and high energy ahead…


They ‘bounce’ and they ‘bobble’…


Enjoying the ride of the breeze, wherever that may take them…


Appreciation of life....

Appreciation of life….


We are embarking on a new adventure.


Unknown fully to us yet..


But the wisdom of the Finch reminds me to be grateful for it all…


It’s all great…


Thank you Avia Venefica for you beautiful wisdom.