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Returning to the Sea…

120 days or so and we’ll be back living on the Ocean,

free from the ties of society,

living in the world ruled by Nature,




Making Space..

Making Space..

Reflection of the Soul...

Reflection of the Soul…



Morning Glow

Morning Glow


‘Till then we enjoy the precious treasures of life,

and lavish ourselves in our love of the outdoors.



mangrove islands...

mangrove islands.

Fully accepting...

Fully accepting…



Gliding on currents..

Gliding on currents..


Dinner at Crab Claw

The conditions for sailing in Darwin this time of year are beautiful. With big tides, flat water and light winds that glide one easily and briskly along the water.


Crab Claw under dawn moon..

Crab Claw under dawn moon..


A weekend treat for us is to sail to Bynoe. In a huge and very sparsely populated Harbour just south of Darwin and nestled deep in the upper reaches is Crab Claw Resort.

There’s a little balinese style fishing resort with elevated cabins and palm shaded walkways that lead to a wonderful ‘open style’ restaurant, that sits high over looking the water.


This is what I call 10 000 star dining...

This is what I call 10 000 star dining…

Ready to go ashore..

Ready to go ashore..



Heading into the sunset...

Heading into the sunset…


Were off again next weekend, yeah.


This is living the Dream….


The view out...

The view out…


ps. Our one thing today  was we fitted new 12volt plugs on some electrics, Rudy did some soldering.






The moon, the morning and me..

The moon.

Filled with mystery and wonder,

illumination and intuition,

the symbolic soulmate to water.

Divine Wonder..

Feminine Illumination…




Power and Clarity..


Shadowed attainment..


I am a child of the morning.

The blooming of a new day

holds a sense of wonder,

of endless possibilities,

of new creations.


Life force..








Joyful wonder

and me,

greeted by angels on the wing.

I am heartened by their presence,

reminded that ultimate power sits within this present moment.



Power of Spirit..








little winks from God..

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