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Ebullient Living…

Finches have arrived in my awareness.


 They are all around..


They visit me at home, and they accompany us as on our walks…


Bouncy and light

Bouncy and light


Joyful and sweet.


I just had to look into their symbolism..


Excited to see what their message is…



Crimson Joy

Crimson Joy



The word Ebullient is a statement of the finch.


“Cheerful and full of energy”













They are a beautiful omen of bright days and high energy ahead…


They ‘bounce’ and they ‘bobble’…


Enjoying the ride of the breeze, wherever that may take them…


Appreciation of life....

Appreciation of life….


We are embarking on a new adventure.


Unknown fully to us yet..


But the wisdom of the Finch reminds me to be grateful for it all…


It’s all great…


Thank you Avia Venefica for you beautiful wisdom.

One thing at a time…

We really can feel the buzz of change..

We are returning to the water.

We have 4 months before we move back on Tiata…

We have been in Darwin 4 years.

She’s been treated  to an upgrade…


dreams takes time….




Tiata being loved...

Tiata being loved…





The finished job

The finished job


a sweet time…



with big skies, intense storms and joyful birdlife..



2 geese


Big Skies...

Big Skies…




Great storms...

Great storms…




and now the time has come,

to shed what we no longer need,

and make room for our next adventure…


Pretty sigh....aaaaaaaah.

Pretty sigh….aaaaaaaah.



and so from now to then my motto is to do…


‘One thing.’


One thing a day towards the move.

To  ensure we have the space to enjoy the riches of our time left in Darwin..



Awwww they're leaving...

Awwww they’re leaving…







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“weigh anchor” – Margaret Bay

Margaret Bay

Near the tip of Queensland there is a beautiful Bay.

Where the sand is white and the water clear.

You won’t find many people here the nearest sealed road is 141 kms away.

Clear waters of Margaret Bay

Clear waters of Margaret Bay

Margaret Bay Low tide

Margaret Bay Low tide



Map of Margaret Bay

Map of Margaret Bay


A place to stop, to explore and to play.



The tides are big...lucky we have wheels.

The tides are big…lucky we have wheels.

Walking the beach at Low Tide..

Walking the beach at Low Tide..

The tide came up higher then expected. Rudy I'll watch for Crocs..

The tide came up higher then expected. Rudy I’ll watch for Crocs..

A great place to give Tiata a dry out and make sure all is a’ok.


giving Tiata a dry out

giving Tiata a dry out

Watching the clear water wash away..

Watching the clear water wash away..



Tide receding...

Tide receding…



Further up the beach past a creek

the sands are sprinkled with Star Fish

100’s of them..

Waiting for the croc to swim away before crossing the creek.

Waiting for the croc to swim away before crossing the creek.



But first you have to wait for the resident croc to head out to sea…..

Important tip: Check your tides and always keep an eye out.



Start fish everywhere going about there business

Start fish everywhere going about there business

In a little part of the bay is Starfish City..

In a little part of the bay is Starfish City..





Off to see friends..

Off to see friends..


"Catch a falling star..."

“Catch a falling star…”



The 'Stars' of Margaret Bay

The ‘Stars’ of Margaret Bay


Blue, white and green…





Just us and nature,

A lone Jabiru..

A lone Jabiru..

A distant Curlew

A distant Curlew


what a special treat…



A magical sunrise

A magical sunrise

Little Teachers

In life we are surrounded by birds.

They are the most delightful teachers.

They awaken each new day with a song in their heart that they are unable to hold in,

it bursts out through tiny lungs.

A joyful song,

loud and clear.



If I was to come back into this world as an animal it would be a bird,

I always thought I’d like to be an eagle in the Whitsunday’s,

living off the ocean.

So inviting..











But up here in Darwin I’ve encountered the Wood Swallow,

so precious as they huddle in there family groups

dancing on the air currents

you can hear they playful chirps as the last rays of day transform into night.

They look so contented,

part of the whole,

so happy to Be..


“come on, give us a smile”


Each has a special lesson for us..



The colourful Bee-Eater, quick and alert.

Be Still..











Embrace without fear,

and walk on Earth lightly.


“Hellooooooo World”







The moon, the morning and me..

The moon.

Filled with mystery and wonder,

illumination and intuition,

the symbolic soulmate to water.

Divine Wonder..

Feminine Illumination…




Power and Clarity..


Shadowed attainment..


I am a child of the morning.

The blooming of a new day

holds a sense of wonder,

of endless possibilities,

of new creations.


Life force..








Joyful wonder

and me,

greeted by angels on the wing.

I am heartened by their presence,

reminded that ultimate power sits within this present moment.



Power of Spirit..








little winks from God..

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