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The Nature of Journey…

The nature of the journey,

the journey of nature,

snippets of a grander,

then, now, always…

everyday is a journey..

everyday masterpiece…


Guided by devine light...

Guided by devine light..



Shadow self...

Shadow self…


Just Do

Just Say

Just Be

The creature...

The creature…


The creature...

The creature…



The creature...

The creature…


I am the Expression

 all else

all that there ever will be








10 February 2014

Hamilton Island Marina












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“Lyn’s Outside”

A month on..

As I look at my previous post, I smile.

So far we have come,

Our dream in action…

Sunset at Seven Spirt Bay

Sunset at Seven Spirt Bay

A dip in the cool waters.

A dip in the cool waters.



"follow the dream"

“follow the dream”

But before leaving the Top End we had to stop off to celebrate. Nestled within Carig Gunak Barlu National Park around the Colbourg Peninsula is a beautiful little resort.

It’s name Seven Spirit Bay.

A little bit of paradise in a vast vacant land.


Rudy walking the ruins at Port Essington

Rudy walking the ruins at Port Essington

Hello from Port Essington

Hello from Port Essington



Glass relics, Port Essington

Glass relics, Port Essington


We Celebrated….


We had completed our goals in the direction of our dreams, 4 years we’d been at it.


Our goal was to set Tiata up for some long term and remote cruising.


Tiata sits behind a blanket of smoke in The Top End

Tiata sits behind a blanket of smoke in The Top End


Lounging in the water one morning...

Lounging in the water one morning…






Lush and green, cool and serene..

Lush and green,
cool and serene..


We are now sitting near the tip of Cape York in Seisia, Queensland.


Waiting for the winds to abate..


But we are in no hurry, we’ll just toddle around here…




The Blueprint…

Plotting the Journey…

It’s getting close now,

the final jobs are slipping away,

the time has come for us to start proposing a direction…


My lemons are preserving...

My lemons are preserving…









Our first destination…

Cobourg Peninsula – Garig Gunak Barlu is a national park.

About 216 km northeast of Darwin by road.

Our sailing route 120nm..

It was established by joining the former Gurig National Park and the Cobourg Marine Park…

Vast and beautiful

Vast and beautiful



Deeply indented bays and coves cover some 4.500 km²..

Virtually uninhabited…


Darwin to Port Essington

Darwin to Port Essington


Port Essington is an inlet and historic site located with in the park.

One of 2 failed attempts of early British settlement..

The ruins still remain…

(We were first through here June 2007 – en-route to the Kimberly’s)

Wuwudri Walk

Wuwudri Walk

looking through the ruins..

looking through the ruins..





Blackpoint Wharf.

Blackpoint Wharf.



For this we will probably set sail with the bottom of the tide in the evening to catch the ingoing tide through the Vernon Islands.

 and will ensure and outward tide around Cape Don..

With a hopeful lunchtime arrival…

Nestled deep...

Nestled deep…


Well that’s the loose plan.

It’s also the home of Seven Spirit Bay..

mmm maybe one last gourmet treat before virtual wilderness…

We will be there till we are ready to go..





Expect nothing…

Desire Everything…



The final jobs are being done.

It won’t be long now..

Mere weeks…


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Settling in…

It’s been a busy couple of days.

Out of one life..

Into another…


Today I have had time onboard.

Clearing and sorting..

It’s great to be home…


We have spent 4 years putting together the best systems for Tiata.

Power is proving itself so far today we have collected 130 Ah, we have used our inverter which allows us to use 240volt.!

We charged up all our electrics and I used my computer plugged in…

Tomorrow I will use my computer on internal power and charge early in the day…mmm see what happens

It’s great seeing everything work.

We are heading remote..

In the most comfortable surroundings…


So great to be me…


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The Move….


Moving day today.

Was so easy..

Thanks to friends…


So tonight we celebrate.


I think we deserve it…


There’s something nice standing on a empty space…


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The Final Countdown…..

A Journey Outside…


In the craziness there is Peace.


Knowing, that these are my dreams are coming into reality..

Surrounded by Nature, connected to life…


My dream board...

My dream board…


My dream board is too big for the boat so.


So I will..

Dive into those dreams…


We called it the nest....

We sailed here with nothing but debt and a dream….


Today after I finish this blog I’m packing up my space.

I love this room, the view is awesome..

It’s where I created and meditated…

Disconnecting from the land takes time.

I’ve got the Accountant on the go..

And there’s still final jobs on Tiata…

Bit by bit though it’s coming together.

The load is lightening..

The way is clear…

Where creations are made..

Where creations are made..


Life is a beautiful creation

What’s next…..I can only imagine…

But in my belief,

It only get’s better…


Bring it on….

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Clearing the Weight…



The ‘Inside’ world and the ‘Outside’ world are so interlinked.

A lot of that ‘weight’ needing clearing was on my computer..

I have been taking photo’s for 15 years…









Interlaced…clean’ drive.


Around 2 years ago I got a new computer,

and dumped the load on the ‘new’ ‘clean’ drive.


It showed up in my neck..


I have since deleted over 111GB…






I now feel ready for my next adventure.


The world has changed so much in the past 4 years..


So grateful for new technology…














Loving Lightroom 5.


So easy..


So grateful…




House Cleaning…


Less then a week to moving back onboard Tiata.

It’s been a time of cleaning and clearing..

It’s been time consuming…


One thing I won’t give up is my time outside….


We’d hired a car for a couple of days.


We’d finished the chores..


So we were up with the sun and out the door…


So many road trains...

So many road trains…






Always looking..

Always looking..


Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve

is one of several parks in the lower Adelaide River catchment that provides havens for wildlife in Darwin’s developing rural fringe.

One of the few wetland systems accessible to visitors all year round.









Croc on Adelaide River..

Croc on Adelaide River..


A sweet respite.


That clears the mind..


That energises the soul…


Galahs squawking...

Galahs squawking…

Ducks on one of the many ponds...

Ducks on one of the many ponds…




Lots of Wallabies...

Lots of Wallabies…


Such Blessings.

so grateful..

to notice…




Every changing...

Every changing…






And tonight’s sunset…….


Passage of time..

Passage of time..


Follow your dreams,


they take you to the most amazing places….















I don’t work well in mess,

and yet my life at this time is messy.

We are moving out of our rental apartment after 4 years and moving back on board our 37ft Catamaran Tiata.


There is  stuff EveRywHeRe…


I am determined not to take any excess, some things take a bit longer to let go of….


a jumble

a jumble








It’s CrAzY….


my world is changing...

my world is changing…

Yet in amongst mayhem we take the time to walk.


To connect with the world outside..


To forget the lists and enjoy the simple soothing joyful pleasure of walking…


Breathing space.

Breathing space.








'carte blanche'

‘carte blanche’



dancing free












It’s official……

I am now the proud owner of…

And to celebrate,


I went outside….




This is where my heart sings…..




This is where my soul plays…



It’s official……..


The best of both worlds, both land and sea”

From the Sky to the Sea……

From the sky to the Sea.


From the know to the unknown.


From where I am to where I am going.


From freaking out to trusting……..




It’s all good,


It’s all manifesting….


view from the balcony....

view from the balcony….

Red night delight...cheesy, I know..

Red night delight…cheesy, I know..




passing ships....

passing ships….








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‘Bare Witness’ to Nature….

My purpose; simply is to bare witness to nature.

– in the dictionary it states:

“testify to; give or afford evidence of.”


To notice…..




Nature’s a wonderful artist,


here a fish in the rock and the colours are amazing…..




Looking out,


framed delight…..






Me jumping for joy at the beauty of nature…





and here,

a Heart….for me???

I reckon….



This is my first go of “blogging on the go….” as I’m going to be out an about.

I am in the process of moving……


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My heart is bursting….

My heart is bursting,

my mind is clear,

I am the birthing,

I am the idea.

Lynette Higgs

What else is possible?

What else is possible?





Into the unknown..

Into the unknown..


We are now a month away from heading back out to sea.


The dream never stopped for us,


our goal has remained clear.


the unknown

into the unknown

Shined on from above..

guided from above..




nature's miracles..

nature’s miracles..


It’s the miracle of life




I have the keys…..



Dream Big and Beautiful

Dream Big and Beautiful


I do believe in Miracles…


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“weigh anchor” – Nara Inlet

They say home is where the heart is,

then my home lays here.


Cruising Nara Inlet, Sept 2003

Cruising Nara Inlet, Sept 2003


A decade after our first visits to Nara Inlet.


It feels we are heading..





Somewhere over the rainbow...

Somewhere over the rainbow…


This beautiful Fjord-like inlet was once the ancient home of the Ngaro people.  

This sea faring Aboriginal group inhabited the Whitsunday and coastal areas of Queensland from some 7000BC till 1870.

Eventually their society was destroyed by the inhabitation of colonists and those remaining were forcibly relocated to mission settlements on Palm Island…



The Cradle of a People...

The Cradle of a People…







There are plenty of places to explore,

from ancient art work,

and waterfalls…


Beautiful in all light

Beautiful in all light

We spent long languid days,

warm with gentle rains,

a beautiful place to call home, if only for a time…


looking south out the Inlet

looking south out the Inlet




Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle


August 2013 we head East from Darwin in the Northern Territory after many years away.


We look forward to rediscovering this land..


Blessed to sit and to ponder this magnificent land…



being in nature...

being in nature…


Home, is wherever the heart lives….

Creature of the Moon, soulmate to the Sea….

Last night I sat and watched the sun sink deliciously into the sea,

it’s rays illuminated the shore,

it’s supercharged me..


Illuminated by the Sun...

Supercharged by the Sun…

Then over my shoulder,


the moon reflected it’s arrival,


it’s light gleaned from the sun….


the moon t 6.18pm



the last of the sun.


moon 6.16pm



I am a creature of the Moon,

born under the sign of cancer,

and soulmate to the Sea…




I was awoken again at 4am and this was the beautiful sight I saw.


She draws the tides to her...

She draws the tides to her…

She is the queen of the night..

She is the queen of the night..


She is the matron to all sea Creatures

She is the matron to all sea Creatures


Reach for the moon,

even if you miss,

you’ll land amongst the stars…

Les Brown

She is the Feminine...

She is the Feminine…


Information gleaned from Avia Venefica, thank you

What’s my sign

Shots taken with my Nikon  Coolpix P510

Hand Held, great camera..






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Ebullient Living…

Finches have arrived in my awareness.


 They are all around..


They visit me at home, and they accompany us as on our walks…


Bouncy and light

Bouncy and light


Joyful and sweet.


I just had to look into their symbolism..


Excited to see what their message is…



Crimson Joy

Crimson Joy



The word Ebullient is a statement of the finch.


“Cheerful and full of energy”













They are a beautiful omen of bright days and high energy ahead…


They ‘bounce’ and they ‘bobble’…


Enjoying the ride of the breeze, wherever that may take them…


Appreciation of life....

Appreciation of life….


We are embarking on a new adventure.


Unknown fully to us yet..


But the wisdom of the Finch reminds me to be grateful for it all…


It’s all great…


Thank you Avia Venefica for you beautiful wisdom.

Now I can talk Crocs…




In all our time visiting Bynoe harbour over the past few years we had never come across a croc. This time was different we came upon them numerous times. One had taken resident in the creek near were we’d  dropped anchor.

We first saw him when we were ‘zooming’ up the creek, Rudy spotted him after we’d passed. Mmmmm they make you a tad nervous..

Later he came and visited us at the boat…

Not the best shots but here they are…



Power to Survive..

Connection to Mother earth

Connection to Mother earth



Primal energies..

Primal energies..



When a Crocodile enters your life look for the opportunity to get deep into one’s primal energies.

Opportunities for  new wisdom and knowledge..



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“weigh anchor” – Berkley River, The Kimberly’s

The Berkley River


The Berkeley River is nestled SW of Joseph Bonaparte Gulf on Australia’s remote north Kimberly Coast.

The nearest town is Wyndham 150kms..


There are no roads…


Berkley River Map

Berkley River Map

Intense silence fills your ears,
alone in an ancient land.
The moon fills the setting sky,
miles from civilisation,
miles from anywhere.

We are able to cruise some 12 nm (approx. 22km) up the river.

Sandstone gorges soar over head at times completely encircling us..

There is a deep presence…

We are in old, old country…

The colours are amazing..

The colours are amazing..

Carved by eons on time..

Carved by eons on time..

The afternoon glow is blinding...

The afternoon glow is blinding gold…

There is a silence within the Berkley like nothing I’ve every experienced before.

It’s soundless..


Alone in the wilderness

Alone in the wilderness..



We washed under the falls

We lived by the falls..





This was to be our home for the next month.

We bathed under the waterfall looking out over the hushed grandness..

We explored, we climbed the above ridge and walked deep into the quiet land, we sat…



lI showered under the falls..

I showered under the falls..

No crocs here..

No crocs here..  





We had all the comforts of home...

We had all the comforts of home…

We watched the Moon dance it’s cycle in the clear, clear skies.


We lay out on chilly nights lit by the millions of sparkling stars..

We watched the sun sink, finished for the day, whilst the full moon rose in all it’s glory…


Mt Casurina

Mt Casurina

Golden hue

Golden hue




lush on green

lush and so green


We lived in nature,

self sufficient.

Collecting water..

Baking bread…


Freshly backed in the BBQ..

Freshly backed in the BBQ..

We caught the odd mud crab..

We caught the odd mud crab..




Collecting fresh water..

Collecting fresh water..


We ate well…



Rudy's Chilli Mud Crab..

Rudy’s Chilli Mud Crab..

We walked the ancient land drawn into it’s quietness.

Sandstone rock caved into the guardian souls that resided this land..

There was a feeling of being in the presence of others,

they had left their creative mark.

We sat and looked out where others had sat for millennium ..


rock art up on a ledge,

rock art up on a ledge,



The connection was strong…


walking along the rock bar, boats no further..

walking along the rock bar, boats no further..

Berkley Bush..

Berkley Bush..

Ancient ancestor..

Ancient ancestor…


We came across the odd Croc, we aways aware.


We swam in fresh water pools, watched by God’s creatures..

We played, safe above the falls…


We played...

We played…






A sunning monitor...

A sunning monitor…



We were totally and lovingly wrapped in nature.



Berkley blessings....

Berkley blessings….


I am deeply blessed…

I am so grateful..

Thank you…

“When the boat’s ready we’ll be ready…”

“When the boat’s ready we’ll be ready” has been the motto these past 4 years. We have upgraded just about all the systems on board Tiata, including motors, tender,  solar panels,  batteries, and completely rewired just to name a few and we’ve loved it.

After years onboard we knew exactly what we wanted to make her as self sufficient and as comfortable as possible. We have been totally supported and we ran with it.

The last thing on the list has always been the water desalinator.

Rudy ordered it yesterday..

Very exciting….

Living off the su....

Living off the sun….

Power and they keep it cooler the cock pit...yeah.

Sun power

Looking through to the new tender, hard bottom...faster..

Looking through to the new tender, cuts seamlessly through the water..



We are determined to enjoy every last moment in Darwin.

It’s the ‘Dry’ season. The weather is gorgeous, milder days with big skies..

We are lucky to have a bird’s eye view…


Clarity, an Eagles view...

Clarity, an Eagles view…


Afternoon at Cullen Bay

Afternoon at Cullen Bay



and the clouds are amazing...

and the clouds are amazing…


A treat for us always includes being outside.

A pre-dawn walk..



6.22am Mindil Beach, Darwin

6.22am Mindil Beach, Darwin


6.19am, Little Mindil. Darwin

6.19am, Little Mindil. Darwin







As the day fills the colours intensify.

The soft is replaced with the dynamic..

And yet the is still a stillness, a deep peace…



6.28, Dawn ride..

6.28, Dawn ride..



So there is no rush to leave.

For this to us is still cruising..

Cruising from one beautiful experience to another…



Night fall..

Night fall..

How does your garden grow..

How does your garden grow…



The pod....Such views...

The pod…



My memory of darwin will be one filled with colour.

Big beautiful skies..

And amazing moon sets…



The setting Moon...

The setting Moon…
















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What is it……

It’s the breeze on my face,

It’s the wind in the sail,

It’s the sky above,

It’s the sea below….


It's the Sky above

It’s the Sky above

It's the Sea below...

It’s the Sea below…



It;s the breeze upon my face..

It;s the breeze upon my face..


It’s the isolation,

It’s the freedom,

It’s the silence,

It’s the sounds…


It's the silence...

It’s the silence…

It's the Freedom...

It’s the Freedom…




It's the Isolation...

It’s the Isolation…


It’s the connection,

It’s the light,

It’s the being,

It’s the doing…


It's the doing...

It’s the doing…

It's the connection...

It’s the connection…



It's the light...

It’s the light…



It’s the touching base with Nature…



No land in sight..

No land in sight…

Flooded mangroves..

Flooded mangroves…



Exploring the flood tide...

Exploring the flood tide…


It’s touching base with me….



Nature's colours...

Nature’s colours…

nature's light...

nature’s light…




and I get to live free,,,,,,

and I get to live free…..

Treating each day like a treasure….


Only had a short day at work,

we are easing back…

We have done the hard work,

and now we are relaxing in the winds of change….



Colour sinks into the day..

Colour sinks into the day..


5.24am 26th April - Moon Set

5.24am 26th April – Moon Set



Sweet colours fill the canvas..

Sweet colours fill the canvas..


Walks before dawn.

We witness the creation of a new day,

what a Miracle….


looking up...

looking up…

looking out...

looking out…



looking in....

looking in…


I am enjoying the ride,

though fears do creep in….

A leap of faith unplugs you,

but I know it will be wonderful….

How can it not be,

for they are ‘My’ dreams….


sand dollars combing the sand..

sand dollars combing the sand..

no more pushing....

no more pushing….



boat in bay

boat in bay


What treasures lay ahead….


What's in Nature's treasure box...


ps. My one thing today was to fill out the application for Satellite phone subsidy… 













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Returning to the Sea…

120 days or so and we’ll be back living on the Ocean,

free from the ties of society,

living in the world ruled by Nature,




Making Space..

Making Space..

Reflection of the Soul...

Reflection of the Soul…



Morning Glow

Morning Glow


‘Till then we enjoy the precious treasures of life,

and lavish ourselves in our love of the outdoors.



mangrove islands...

mangrove islands.

Fully accepting...

Fully accepting…



Gliding on currents..

Gliding on currents..


Dinner at Crab Claw

The conditions for sailing in Darwin this time of year are beautiful. With big tides, flat water and light winds that glide one easily and briskly along the water.


Crab Claw under dawn moon..

Crab Claw under dawn moon..


A weekend treat for us is to sail to Bynoe. In a huge and very sparsely populated Harbour just south of Darwin and nestled deep in the upper reaches is Crab Claw Resort.

There’s a little balinese style fishing resort with elevated cabins and palm shaded walkways that lead to a wonderful ‘open style’ restaurant, that sits high over looking the water.


This is what I call 10 000 star dining...

This is what I call 10 000 star dining…

Ready to go ashore..

Ready to go ashore..



Heading into the sunset...

Heading into the sunset…


Were off again next weekend, yeah.


This is living the Dream….


The view out...

The view out…


ps. Our one thing today  was we fitted new 12volt plugs on some electrics, Rudy did some soldering.





One thing at a time…

We really can feel the buzz of change..

We are returning to the water.

We have 4 months before we move back on Tiata…

We have been in Darwin 4 years.

She’s been treated  to an upgrade…


dreams takes time….




Tiata being loved...

Tiata being loved…





The finished job

The finished job


a sweet time…



with big skies, intense storms and joyful birdlife..



2 geese


Big Skies...

Big Skies…




Great storms...

Great storms…




and now the time has come,

to shed what we no longer need,

and make room for our next adventure…


Pretty sigh....aaaaaaaah.

Pretty sigh….aaaaaaaah.



and so from now to then my motto is to do…


‘One thing.’


One thing a day towards the move.

To  ensure we have the space to enjoy the riches of our time left in Darwin..



Awwww they're leaving...

Awwww they’re leaving…







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On Wings of Change…

The dream never stopped,

4 years in Darwin.

Upgrading Tiata,

enjoying our life in the nest.


We sailed in, our bank accounts in the red'

We sailed in, we were in the red, but we Believed..



Now we are preparing to head off again.

The wings of change are upon us….


ticking off the list

ticking off the list


Alert to the messages.

Alert to the messages.






A time to let go,

to clear out…




dancing on the wind

dancing on the wind






A time to enjoy,

to appreciate where we are….


Such beauty..


a time to open our wings

a time to open our wings


A time to bask in the presence

of a new creation in the making..



heading out to sea...

heading out to sea…










man the ropes, were off...

man the ropes, were off…


Foot note: In around 4 months (Sept 2013) we are returning to the Ocean, our life as cruisers aboard Tiata.


Not much of a plan: Whitsunday’s here we come…


with much pleasure,

The Beautiful Tiata…


Tiata in the NT

Tiata in the NT

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Night at Home..



Night falls..

Colours fill the dark palette….

I clear my head,

so grateful for the day….

In Reflection I Breathe..

In Reflection I Breathe..


As the Sky transforms

I am filled with wonder

I am filled with joy

I am filled…

The veil is lifted

The veil is lifted


The passion…










A shared moment.

In nature,

at home..





Then night decides to give us an extra show,

rumbling from behind,

quick and refreshing,

a good hardy rain,

with lightening and thunder,

an exciting shared moment…



A display from heaven..

A display from heaven..











And then…..


we scream..

how delightfully funny..









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it can stop your world,

isolate you from life,


a victim,

a lone…

If you let it.

Or choose life anyway,

and see it in a new light…


sunset pink..

tropical blue

tropical blue

They put fountains in the marina to keep the water aerated......

They put fountains in the marina to keep the water aerated……

See life through new eyes..

See life through new eyes..

Choose something..

your vision sometimes blurry..

your vision sometimes blurry..

the journey a bit curvy….

trust the twists and turns..

trust the twists and turns..

But know you are always OK,

and never ever alone..


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“weigh anchor” – 15th Dec 2006

Feeding Eagles.

Christmas in the Whitsunday’s

Most of the time on the east coast it’s blowing ‘south easterlies’ and Turtle Bay is buffeted by winds.

So it’s a treat to enjoy it’s beautiful clear waters.

 We spent the afternoon feeding Eagles.

We fed them all our bacon...was worth it..

We fed them all our bacon…was worth it..

What a great way to spend the day

What a great way to spend the day

Eagles remind us to work smarter, not harder

Eagles remind us to work smarter, not harder


Eagles remind us to not allow the illusion of limitation to ground us in our flight.

Eagles remind us to not allow the illusion of limitation to ground us in our flight.




King of the birds

King of the birds

I needed a dip after all that..

I needed a dip after all that..











Goodbye 2012…

2012 Thank you for the road trip..

I Bless you,

I bless you...

I bless you…

the yang, and the ying

the yang, and the yin…


the successes...

the successes…

I release you…



I forgive you…

the twist's and turns...

the twist’s and turns…

I love you…

my truth...

my truth…

my colours...

my colours…

feel it...

feel it…

I let you go…

I am renewed...

I am renewed…

Thank you, always a blast…

the way is clear...

the way is clear…

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Christmas Morning at Fogg Dam

We treated ourselves to a hire car for Christmas.

We love a drive out to Fogg Dam.

a beautiful wet land area close to home, yet and eye as to what is happening in places like Kakadu…

The last time here about 3 months ago there was still lots of water around so the animal life was spread out…….

Today it was intensified..


We were up and out early and arrived at Fogg Dam as the sun was starting to warm the day..



Magic on the side of the road

As above, so below..Australian Darter drying out..

As above, so below..
Australian Darter drying out..

Driving along the Fogg Dam wall in the early morning

Driving along the Fogg Dam wall in the early morning



Just walking down the road – Peacock symbolises Good Luck, serenity, psychic protection….


Sexy Boy....

Sexy Boy….

Lotus is the exquisite flower, which symbolizes purity. Surrounded by myths and legends, lotus is looked upon as a symbol of divine beauty.



a symbol of purity, peace,transcendence, enlightenment, rebirth, beauty, and fertility.

a symbol of purity, peace,
transcendence, enlightenment, rebirth, beauty, and fertility.

lotus flowers emerge from the dirty and murky bottom of a pond, and yet remain untouched by all the dirt and mud of the environment, in which it grows. This unique quality of the flower is believed to represent the pure spirit.

lotus flowers emerge from the dirty and murky bottom of a pond, and yet remain untouched by all the dirt and mud of the environment, in which it grows. This unique quality of the flower is believed to represent the pure spirit.



There were bumble bees buzzing around my head...they were too quick. The bee reminds me to be organised, industrious and communication...This little guy was very industrious

There were bumble bees buzzing around my head…they were too quick. The bee reminds me to be organised, industrious and communication…This little guy was very industrious



The Bird life vibrant and alive…



Comb Crested Jacanda

Comb Crested Jacanda

Pygmy Geese

Pygmy Geese





Whistling Kite

Whistling Kite

A  very chatty crow, a symbol of creation and spiritual strength. They remind us to look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life

A very chatty crow, a symbol of creation and spiritual strength. They remind us to look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life











Can you see the Dingo?

The Dingo symbolises duality, sees life as a game and asks others to play.

The Dingo symbolises duality, sees life as a game and asks others to play.

Crossing the finish line…

An epiphany:  an experience of sudden and striking realization.

In life’s moments we are blessed with clarity.

A thought.

An idea.

 A realisation..

My new mantra,

Heal Thy Self…

before all else..


An aha moment….





Crossing the finishing line…


I release, let go and surrender all guilt I hold for my beautiful life.

and off out into the world I go.

Doing what I love and connecting with nature.


Clear Alertness..


Birds show us we are free to fly in whatever direction we choose







beauty, dignity and speed

Pure Potential – The Crow eaches us how to learn from situation and to feel ‘guilt free’ when we are assertive







The crab tells me,

“when we relax and move in the waves of wellbeing – moving in the natural flow of things, we have no need for defense. All of our needs are met, and we are divinely cared for.”

















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Little Teachers

In life we are surrounded by birds.

They are the most delightful teachers.

They awaken each new day with a song in their heart that they are unable to hold in,

it bursts out through tiny lungs.

A joyful song,

loud and clear.



If I was to come back into this world as an animal it would be a bird,

I always thought I’d like to be an eagle in the Whitsunday’s,

living off the ocean.

So inviting..











But up here in Darwin I’ve encountered the Wood Swallow,

so precious as they huddle in there family groups

dancing on the air currents

you can hear they playful chirps as the last rays of day transform into night.

They look so contented,

part of the whole,

so happy to Be..


“come on, give us a smile”


Each has a special lesson for us..



The colourful Bee-Eater, quick and alert.

Be Still..











Embrace without fear,

and walk on Earth lightly.


“Hellooooooo World”







There’s no place like home….

Where’s home..

“there’s no place like home”

Home is where the heart is….

for me,

it’s taking a step out into the fresh air.


The tree is LIFE..

the sun, the earth, the sky, the sea

they’re all my home.

Earth’s lush carpet

my singing sisters..



The neighbors..


I’m so lucky……

The Pool




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The moon, the morning and me..

The moon.

Filled with mystery and wonder,

illumination and intuition,

the symbolic soulmate to water.

Divine Wonder..

Feminine Illumination…




Power and Clarity..


Shadowed attainment..


I am a child of the morning.

The blooming of a new day

holds a sense of wonder,

of endless possibilities,

of new creations.


Life force..








Joyful wonder

and me,

greeted by angels on the wing.

I am heartened by their presence,

reminded that ultimate power sits within this present moment.



Power of Spirit..








little winks from God..

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I live in a Divine World

I live in a divine world,

where the sun rises and warms the Earth.

Where at night we are treated to such wondrous beauty.

The colours.

The sounds.

The beauty.

Such gifts are given to us every single day,

if and when we choose to look..


Life gives…

So grateful..












I want to learn more and more  to see as beautiful what is necessary…

then I shall be one of those who makes things beautiful.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


Strawberry silence













Passion nights



Life is so beautiful.

It’s the living that can be strange.

Just ask the root growing in the mud.

Or the snail thrown back by surf.

Paul Nepo

Pretty sigh….aaaaaaaah.


The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Beauty is light, light is beauty..

pink diamonds





from the gone comes the new..



Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty, never grows old.

Franz Kafka

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I love birds…

I love birds.

They greet me in the morning,

their glorious cheer welcomes the day.

In fight so free,

dancing on the currents,

not a care in the world.

This morning I gave thanks to all the birds that remind me that I am as free.

Free to fly,

in what ever direction I desire…

On my walk into work today I spotted a family of Curlews,

Throughout the daylight hours they remain hidden under a stand of tree, their colour blends beautifully into the background and when disturbed they freeze..

Striking a pose..

But come night your can hear there ethereal and haunting calls echo into the night.

I feel so blessed that I noticed..




Can you spot the baby??






Strike a pose..

Suspended in time..



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12 May 2012 – Pamper Me Day……..

Today I choose to pamper me.

It has been a week that some core issues within me were brought to the surface but I have come through the other side as light as a feather. There has been much I have realised, you cannot save another nor should you try for if you look really close there’s a lesson there for you alone. So I bless and let go with love that what I saw as my tribulations.

What have I learnt, I have learnt that guilt is my ‘thorn’ I even manage to take on other people’s guilt and think it is my own.

But I have nothing to be guilty of I have created the most beautiful reality, I look in wonder each and every day. My world is so so beautiful I am amazed at times at what myself and Rudy have created all by following a shared dream. We are no more well off than anyone else in fact when we sailed into Darwin we were so far in the ‘red’ it wasn’t funny….we were a little slow to move on that’s all.

This past week has also shown me that the one I am closest to, Rudy.  We are so close (we live, work and play together) at times I fail to step back and fully appreciate what it was that which first attracted me him. I saw that too this week and know to he is my divine beautiful mirror, I am so grateful.

So today I relished in the beauty I have created after walking Rudy into work I did a bit of shopping and spoilt myself with the most beautiful flowers. I lovingly pampered my home, I cleared the air and  infused it with music and fragrance then ran myself  a bath and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Life is all you can imagine it to be and so much more, I am so glad I see that and I see me and I am beautiful…

Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart

Walk amongst the trees



Step back and look..


Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart

We’re always walking….

Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart



Organic yogurt mixed with organic honey, good enough to eat. I did a bit..

Ready to jump in..

Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart


ready to open






My beautiful experience..


Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart

Such beautiful dreams

‎”SATURDAY’S SOUL MESSAGE: Please be aware that as we start the weekend some very OLD energies are arising within people. These go back to CHILDHOOD hurts, so some are acting very CHILDISH & this can be in a negative (EGO – Personality in reverse) way. There are current PLANETARY alignments that are asking us to HEAL at the core/SOUL. So very positive if you can stay in your OWN space & just observe the CHAOS playing out around you. REMEMBER you will attract what you give out, so if you have been angry this week it will take at least 24 hours to shift YOUR CORE into a HIGHER vibration, to see the LOVE around you again, when you ARE feeling & projecting LOVE first. STAY AWAY (as much as you can) FROM people who are projecting hostility. There’s a lot flying around as we head into the ECLIPSES. YOU don’t need it. Be strong. Stay true. Love you.” Elizabeth Peru © Deltawaves 2012