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6 apr – Easter Cruise Log

Set sail 6/4/12 – 730 am

Heading Bynoe Harbour (next harbour SW of Darwin)

As big as Darwin Harbour yet largely uninhabited dotted with fishing shacks and pearl leases and Crab Claw Island resort. A fisherman’s haven.

We sailed flat waters under clear blue skies…

cruising along..

Our new 235watt solar panels working a treat.

beautiful blue


fishing camps

"the only way is up....."

pure joy

We watched as the Full Moon traverse the sky…..













not bad with a hand held instant on as boat.....

let go..

who am I...


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5 apr – Easter Cruise Log..

We  set sail for Easter destination Bynoe Harbour,  we have been doing a major refit on Tiata and this was our grand reacquaintance.

Left 5/4/12 – 1600hrs.

A sail around the harbour.

Cullen Bay to Fannie Bay

Beautiful sunset, first boat for the season to anchor in Fannie Bay – Only this morning we did an early morning walk and I said to Rudy “won’t be long till the boats are back for the season” and it was us…

We started the day early, nothing like a pre-dawn walk to nourish the soul…

Morning Walk

Lapwings sleeping by the water's edge

through the she oak..

golden rising



Nurtured Light

Evening sail 

Leaving Cullen Bay

Night falling

Moon over Darwin Art Gallery





moonlight on the water

alone on the water

a sssssssizzler


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