I live in a Divine World

I live in a divine world,

where the sun rises and warms the Earth.

Where at night we are treated to such wondrous beauty.

The colours.

The sounds.

The beauty.

Such gifts are given to us every single day,

if and when we choose to look..


Life gives…

So grateful..












I want to learn more and more  to see as beautiful what is necessary…

then I shall be one of those who makes things beautiful.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


Strawberry silence













Passion nights



Life is so beautiful.

It’s the living that can be strange.

Just ask the root growing in the mud.

Or the snail thrown back by surf.

Paul Nepo

Pretty sigh….aaaaaaaah.


The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Beauty is light, light is beauty..

pink diamonds





from the gone comes the new..



Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty, never grows old.

Franz Kafka


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